Geplaatst op: 29 November 2021

Often we receive very special requests, for example whether we want to provide constructive advice for a property with which we have an affinity. But recently we received an application about an institution with which we have an affinity. To which we would like to contribute, in this case to the experience of the residents of Hospice De Wingerd.

Hospice De Wingerd is located at the foot of the Amerongse mountain and on the edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, where palliative terminal care is offered. LENGKEEK Architects and Engineers designed the garden house on behalf of Zorggroep Charim. A nice, bright place with various care facilities. Residents can enjoy nature and the sunlight here, outside the walls of their room in the hospice. Pelecon calculated and drew the construction for this garden house.

Geplaatst op: 26 November 2021

In Hoofddorp, a new office building is being developed for Intralox, the leading provider of transportation solutions that helps move the world’s most critical products. The total surface area is almost 25,000 m², with the industrial building consisting of a low-rise building of approximately 9.5 meters high and a high-rise building of approximately 20 meters high. A great challenge for Pelecon, in which the issue of stability primarily demanded our attention.

Although Intralox offers transport solutions, this is not a distribution center. However, production/assembly does take place in the low-rise building and storage in the high-rise of the hall. The office, which was larger in the first design but has been reduced in the final design due to many working from home, is two-storey, with the facade having an open structure with a lot of glass.

The role of Pelecon
Pelecon has been involved in this project as the main structural engineer from the first design. During the design phase, the stability of the building was our biggest challenge. The office has a very open structure, which makes vertical connections undesirable. As a result, we had to work with stability portals. In the industrial building, the low- and high-rise buildings are not separated from each other and there is free passage on the ground floor from one part of the building to the other. So there is a big leap in the roof construction here, resulting in high trusses in the facade of the high-rise building. The transfer of stability forces from the two roof levels therefore required our full attention!

The Intralox Hoofddorp project is in full preparation. The final touches will be put on the implementation documents in the coming weeks. Systabo has already started preparing the site for construction, so that the piling work can start in week three of the following year.

Photo credits: Systabo

Construction application submitted for apartment complex Oranje Bolwerck in Oudewater

Geplaatst op: 25 November 2021

The Bolwerck on Sint Janstraat on the south side of the historic center of Oudewater is being offered for development by the municipality. The Bolwerck is a special historic and striking location that contains very high spatial and cultural-historical qualities for the city center of Oudewater. The Bolwerck is bordered by the municipal monument the Grote Gracht and the Sint Janstraat. The location is in close proximity to large-scale monuments such as the St. Franciscuskerk and the former public school.

City ​​wall
The volume of the new building, containing 50 rental and owner-occupied apartments and 60 underground parking spaces, is inspired by the historic contours of the ramparts from 1747. The layered structure of the cross-section suggests a city wall. The city wall follows the contour of the fortress along the water of the Grote Gracht. A modern two-storey apartment building with a recessed layer on top of this robust city wall is being built. In this way, the urban design and the architectural elaboration are in line with the history of the place.

Constructive Challenge
The constructive challenge lay in the fact that the houses are situated above the parking garage. In order to avoid many load-bearing beams in the parking basement, it was decided to design the partitions between the apartments as ‘wall beams’. The building wall is therefore not only a ‘wall’ but also a ‘beam’. This construction method provides a parking garage with a flat ceiling without concrete beams.

Construction request
The planning application for the apartment complex was submitted last week. A beautiful design by architect Jillis Kinkel, in which Pelecon is involved as chief engineer. The complex is being built by Van Baaren contractors from Schoonhoven.

Renders: www.grizli.nl

Impressive visit Bozhurishte, Bulgaria

Geplaatst op: 12 November 2021


The distribution center distinguishes itself with automated technology for transport and storage of items and integration of SAP EWM to meet the needs of JYSK stores and the e-commerce demands of consumers in the Balkans. The result is seamless omnichannel distribution from strategic storage (122,000 pallets), higher efficiency and speed (400 euro pallets per hour) and less transport to the stores at approximately 4.5 million km per year.

Of course we didn’t just travel to Bulgaria. We have gained inspiration, learned a lot and we have now started the constructive design for a comparable distribution center for Jysk on Dutch soil. More on this later!

New, sustainable distribution center for Hunkemöller in Almere

Geplaatst op: 5 November 2021

At the Stichtsekant industrial estate in Almere, Hunkemöller B.V. built a new distribution center. Adjacent is a fully-fledged office, consisting of two floors with large canopies on the outside. The constructive challenge for this project? The large voids in the upper floors, the ground structure in Almere and of course the high sustainability ambition.

As main constructor, Pelecon is involved in the development of the new distribution center, which has 44 dock positions and a mezzanine floor of 12 meters wide throughout. From our expertise, it is a beautiful project with difficult issues. For example, the project is located in the municipality of Almere, where an erratic soil structure is sometimes encountered. As a result, extra care must be taken with the foundation. In addition, the construction will soon contribute to the intended BREEAM Excellent certification. After all, Hunkemöller’s focus is on a new building that is as sustainable as possible, that has low energy consumption, requires little maintenance and in which sustainable solutions are incorporated.

The design
The distribution center designed by architect DENC will be built in two phases. Unique to phase one are the two built-in floors that are separate from the main construction and the automated miniload system. This makes it not a “standard” shelving distribution center, but anticipates the future as well as possible.

The planning
The documents of phase one and concept phase two have been submitted to the municipality. A major step in the process has therefore been taken. Construction is scheduled to start in March 2022.