Since its founding in 1998, Pelecon has established a reputation for innovative solutions to complex structural problems in existing buildings, historic restorations and conventional new building construction. Our services include consultation on structural and material systems, preparation of working drawings and specifications, review of structural shop drawings and field review of construction. The new generation - Henk van Vliet, Mack Stolwijk and André Verschoor - has now formed part of the management team.

About us
Sustainability and circular construction are important pillars within the organization and sets the tone for the future of Pelecon. With the acquisition of Bouwtechnical Consultancy Versteeg, a merger with Reijneveld Engineering and the establishment of Concrete Block Engineers and Greenhouse Design, Pelecon focused on broadening the organization. These are positive developments which ensures diversity and guarantees the continuation of Pelecon’s activities for the future.

Because it is not possible to carry out a construction project on your own, good understanding and cooperation with all parties involved is essential. Over the years, Pelecon has carefully built up its network and we can honestly say that all our partners, either domestic or abroad, bring along a wealth of knowledge, experience and added value to the projects we work for.

Pelecon is and remains the technical knowledge partner of architects, project developers and construction companies. Pelecon provides personal services to every project, both small and large-scale.