Start of construction of the Intralox industrial building in Hoofddorp

Posted on: 26 November 2021

In Hoofddorp, a new office building is being developed for Intralox, the leading provider of transportation solutions that helps move the world’s most critical products. The total surface area is almost 25,000 m², with the industrial building consisting of a low-rise building of approximately 9.5 meters high and a high-rise building of approximately 20 meters high. A great challenge for Pelecon, in which the issue of stability primarily demanded our attention.

Although Intralox offers transport solutions, this is not a distribution center. However, production/assembly does take place in the low-rise building and storage in the high-rise of the hall. The office, which was larger in the first design but has been reduced in the final design due to many working from home, is two-storey, with the facade having an open structure with a lot of glass.

The role of Pelecon
Pelecon has been involved in this project as the main structural engineer from the first design. During the design phase, the stability of the building was our biggest challenge. The office has a very open structure, which makes vertical connections undesirable. As a result, we had to work with stability portals. In the industrial building, the low- and high-rise buildings are not separated from each other and there is free passage on the ground floor from one part of the building to the other. So there is a big leap in the roof construction here, resulting in high trusses in the facade of the high-rise building. The transfer of stability forces from the two roof levels therefore required our full attention!

The Intralox Hoofddorp project is in full preparation. The final touches will be put on the implementation documents in the coming weeks. Systabo has already started preparing the site for construction, so that the piling work can start in week three of the following year.

Photo credits: Systabo