City Cinema
Cinema with two flats above it

A new City Cinema is being built for C-Cinemas in the centre of Roosendaal. This film temple contains six theatres of different sizes. Three theatres are located on the first floor level, partly above the outdoor area and partly above the grand café and kitchen. Two penthouses with roof terraces will be built on the complex. For energy facilities, the roofs will be used to install solar panels.

Naam: Mack Stolwijk
Functie: Constructeur en Partner

The building is constructed of a hollow-wall system combined with hollow-core slabs. Where walls could not be used, a steel structure was designed. That is precisely where Pelecon's added value lies. Together with Mies Architectuur, we made the plan drawings and a model for the overall construction.

Even now that construction is still in full swing, we are involved with Pelecon's structural engineers to ensure that the supplier's pieces are executed correctly. This unique building on Nieuwstraat will be completed this year.