Professional work in steel constructions

Geplaatst op: 7 December 2020

The Qumey metal industry of the Meijers family is located in Maarssen. About 50 years ago they built their first building on Handelsweg in Maarssen. In recent years, the company has grown steadily, making expansion of the property inevitable. That is why three modern product halls will be added to the building and the office space will be significantly expanded. A whole that will soon meet all the ultramodern requirements of now and the future!


The building is fully equipped with solar panels, modern installations and of course meets high insulation standards. When designing the new building, Mies Architectuur has tried to provide a business card in materialization that reflects what the metal industry Qumey stands for. They have had this framework in steel construction, in which Pelecon is responsible for the calculation of the entire construction, reflected in the awning over the office area and the various steel products inside and outside the building. In the business hall, provisions have been made for 9 overhead cranes over 3 crane tracks, a half portal crane and 4 wall cranes.


The first pile was driven on November 12 by Maud and Bram Meijers, the grandchildren of Lex Meijers, who exactly 50 years ago drove the first pile of their current building. A great step for Qumey, they will soon be completely ready for the future! Delivery is planned for the end of 2021.