New building BMW MINI Renova Tilburg

We have now completed many automotive assignments. For several of these assignments we have collaborated with Mies Architectuur. For us a great sparring partner with a lot of knowledge and where half a word is enough. For our client, this results in a complete advice in which the visual and constructive design connect seamlessly.

On November 16, 2020, the new construction of BMW MINI Renova Tilburg officially started. The first pile has been driven for a new building with a beautiful showroom, workshop, offices and parking deck. A beautiful design, if we say so ourselves. With unique elements!

The first floor of the building above the workshop will have a small overhang of about one meter. The showroom, on the other hand, will have an overhang of 7.2 meters long and 20 meters wide. This gives a nice sight, but constructively this still requires attention due to the limited beam heights and the parking deck above. In addition, no extra facilities were allowed for the construction. By making two large trusses, the construction, as designed by Mies Architectuur, can still be technically executed.

We will keep an eye on the construction in the coming period!