Pelecon contributes to future-proof high-build warehouse in Culemborg

Posted on: 18 November 2020

The number of orders is increasing, while the volume of orders is decreasing. A fully mechanized bin warehouse is a good solution for this, thought CB (the former Central Broekhuis). They asked Denc and Pelecon to contribute ideas to the construction of the new high-bay warehouse. We made all main calculations, plan model and construction drawings.

The new high-bay warehouse measuring 30 x 100 and a height of 34 meters has been built against the existing company building. The extension is divided into a working area of ​​30 x 17 meters with elevators, conveyors, stairs, a passenger / goods lift, an office space, a pantry area and sanitary facilities. The extension consists of a steel construction, sandwich panels and five storey floors (hollow core slab floors) with a pressure layer in the work area.

The role of Pelecon

In the high-bay warehouse, the design of the construction was separate from the racks. This made the design relatively simple with the exception of the height of the high-bay warehouse. Project designer Bastiaan Hoefnagel indicates that due to the height of 34 meters, the columns had to be built up heavier and in parts. The windage also contributes to that height. By stabilizing the existing high-rise construction at the new building, many kilos could be saved and a lot of sustainability was guaranteed.


For the work area – the part where the bins with the orders arrive and are processed – we calculated the entire foundation and steel construction of the five storeys. Here it was a challenge due to the existing buildings to get the heavy column loads on the foundation piles, which was achieved by using heavy floor beams.

We look back on a challenging but successful project!

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