Geplaatst op: 29 June 2022

That a team day is important was something we experienced last week! With all our colleagues from Gouda and Amersfoort, we put our talents on edge. Our focus was on all individual talents. What are everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, where can we strengthen each other, where do our individual colleagues need to grow to become an even stronger team? Which role fits like a glove and how do these roles relate to each other? And not unimportantly: what is the goal of Pelecon?

It was nice to see how all colleagues criticised themselves and each other in a polite way, so that at the end of the day we had valuable input for the future. So that we can grow as a team and become even better at our work than we already are! We look back on an inspiring day and look forward to a successful future!

Geplaatst op: 27 June 2022


The existing terminal building was built in the 1960s. In the period up to now, major and minor renovations have been carried out within and next to the terminal building, many of which we have worked out in 2D (autocad) or on sketch over the past 25 years. Our modellers used all this data as a basis for building the new, constructive model. A point cloud was also created, with which we could visually check the constructive model to determine whether the construction model fits! The model is built according to BIM basis ILS 2.0 with LOD300 as the elaboration level.

The building model was recently presented and delivered to the client. The building models made (constructive, architectural and installations) serve as a basis for future designs for internal and external renovations and to support the technical service Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Artist impression: Moen en Van Oosten Architecten

Column André Verschoor about time, cost savings and sustainability

Geplaatst op: 20 May 2022

Our colleague André Verschoor recently wrote a column for the professional magazine Bouwen met Staal. This is about the acceleration of the execution of construction projects. The costs to be saved during the design process. Both put a lot of pressure on a sustainable design. So that’s where the big profit lies; extra attention to the design, calculations, coordination and the intended detailing. Could we also rate engineering services with stars?

Curious? Read the full column.

Bouwtechnisch Adviesbureau Versteeg continues under Pelecon structural engineers

Geplaatst op: 31 March 2022

At Pelecon, we don’t hide the fact that we don’t sit still. For instance, a merger last year strengthened our services. We are hiring new engineers to meet the increasing demand and we are developing our knowledge. However, entrepreneurship also means making decisions that are not directly related to growth, but are logical for the focus of our company.

As from 1 April 2022 we will no longer offer services under the name Bouwtechnisch Adviesbureau Versteeg. The partnership between Versteeg and Pelecon was so intertwined that we took the logical step of no longer distinguishing between the two companies. And to continue together under the name Pelecon structural engineers.

Loyalty to each other
The structural engineers who worked for Versteeg are continuing their careers at Pelecon Gouda, so their knowledge will not be lost. We thank them and the clients of Versteeg for their trust and the positive reactions we received to this step.

Questions, introductions or just catching up?
Do you have any questions or would you just like a cup of coffee? Then please contact one of the partners of Pelecon. Henk van Vliet, André Verschoor and Mack Stolwijk can be reached at info@pelecon.nl, +31 (0)182 231 400 (Pelecon Gouda) or +31 (0)33 277 33 36 (Pelecon Amersfoort).


Geplaatst op: 3 February 2022

In the January edition of the trade journal Industriebouw, an extensive article appeared on the development of the new headquarters of the Nederlandse Coöperatieve Vereniging van Makelaars en Taxateurs in onroerende goederen (NVM) at the Papendorp business park in Utrecht. A development in which Pelecon was involved as the main structural engineer.

We are proud to share this article, written by Astrid Berkhout on behalf of Industriebouw.

Transformation for municipality of nijkerk

Geplaatst op: 21 December 2021

Years ago we were involved in the construction of the Rabobank building in Nijkerk from the former Pelecon Amersfoort (Reijneveld Engineering). Now this building is being transformed into the town hall of Nijkerk. So we know this building well and that makes the consulting process for the construction easier. For this assignment, Pelecon is working together with LSa (representation of the municipality of Nijkerk) and Van Bokhorst Architects from Nijkerk. A fine team for an inspiring project in which we, as engineers, have our role.

Changes within an existing building are always challenging. That also applies to the building of the municipality of Nijkerk, where in this case the council chamber is an important issue for us. It stands on sloping concrete columns that also guarantee the stability of the council chamber in an inventive way. In addition, the facade is completely covered with glass, so that we literally create a transparent government! The stability of the building must be adapted in such a way that this transparent facade can actually be realized. Therefore, a Senior Structural Engineer and 3D Modeler from Pelecon joined the drawing board for the design. An Advisor to Building Structures helped with the sketches for the columns, literally with a sketch roller and felt-tip pens.

Now that the City Council has agreed to the Final Design, we will quickly move on to producing specification documents and implementation drawings in 2022.

Start of construction of the Intralox industrial building in Hoofddorp

Geplaatst op: 26 November 2021

In Hoofddorp, a new office building is being developed for Intralox, the leading provider of transportation solutions that helps move the world’s most critical products. The total surface area is almost 25,000 m², with the industrial building consisting of a low-rise building of approximately 9.5 meters high and a high-rise building of approximately 20 meters high. A great challenge for Pelecon, in which the issue of stability primarily demanded our attention.

Although Intralox offers transport solutions, this is not a distribution center. However, production/assembly does take place in the low-rise building and storage in the high-rise of the hall. The office, which was larger in the first design but has been reduced in the final design due to many working from home, is two-storey, with the facade having an open structure with a lot of glass.

The role of Pelecon
Pelecon has been involved in this project as the main structural engineer from the first design. During the design phase, the stability of the building was our biggest challenge. The office has a very open structure, which makes vertical connections undesirable. As a result, we had to work with stability portals. In the industrial building, the low- and high-rise buildings are not separated from each other and there is free passage on the ground floor from one part of the building to the other. So there is a big leap in the roof construction here, resulting in high trusses in the facade of the high-rise building. The transfer of stability forces from the two roof levels therefore required our full attention!

The Intralox Hoofddorp project is in full preparation. The final touches will be put on the implementation documents in the coming weeks. Systabo has already started preparing the site for construction, so that the piling work can start in week three of the following year.

Photo credits: Systabo

Column partner André Verschoor in “Bouwen met Staal”

Geplaatst op: 13 September 2021

Did you know that our colleague André Verschoor writes a column for every issue of the professional magazine Bouwen met Staal? The latest column, number 4, is about a straight back in difficult choices about safety. Curious? Read the column here.

The magazine is full of good articles about building with steel. Buy the magazine or become a member!

Summer holiday Pelecon Gouda and Amersfoort

Geplaatst op: 30 July 2021

It has been a month since we signed the merger contract. This first month was one in which our colleagues from Amersfoort and Gouda got to know each other better, in which we worked together for the first time. And not without success! A number of new assignments have already been started. According to plan, because we have a growth ambition. In people, expertise and assignments! National and international.

We have challenging work planned for the coming six months with an immense number of square meters in both the Netherlands and abroad. But….. we are now going to enjoy a well-deserved holiday from Monday August 2 to Friday August 13.

We are limited available these weeks. Do you still need our advice? Feel free to contact us via info@pelecon.nl.

Have a nice summer vacation for now.

Pelecon structural engineers stronger after merger with Reijneveld Engineering

Geplaatst op: 29 June 2021

Pelecon structural engineers and Reijneveld Engineering; stronger together. The merger will be official from June 29, 2021. Ambitions are merged, creating one team, led by an enthusiastic management. André Verschoor, Mack Stolwijk and Henk van Vliet bundle their consultancy firms for structural constructions and continue together with the name: Pelecon structural engineers. With branches in Gouda and Amersfoort.

The desire to grow in people, expertise and assignments has existed at both companies for a long time. Just like the desire to give the team the opportunity to develop. To learn from new colleagues and to carry out other challenging assignments in the Netherlands and abroad. Pelecon Gouda and Pelecon Amersfoort, as the locations are called, will remain the same in terms of team composition. “In that respect, our regular customers will still feel welcome at our office after the merger. Our challenge is to continue to surprise with an ever-growing expertise,” says Henk van Vliet.

Stronger together!
Mack continues: “We are going to share the best of both companies. The biggest advantage of this is that we can serve our potential and existing customers even better because of the larger capacity. We can also innovate more easily as one Pelecon than before. For example for 3D-BIM and parametric design. We want to take big steps together with the integration of our calculation and modeling work to be able to design even more sharply. Sustainability is an important aspect; we will be working with our clients throughout Pelecon to drastically reduce the negative environmental impact of the structures we have designed.”

A merger offers opportunities in new business
André Verschoor explains that the merger creates many opportunities: “We are already very strong in logistics real estate, industry and stacked housing. As a larger agency, we can and want to participate in European tenders in the future, for example for schools, town halls or museums. For example, we are available for quick scans, design sketches and second opinions.”

In short: the three gentlemen are eagerly looking forward to the future, in which entrepreneurship will hopefully yield good results. The team is on edge, ready to take on the new challenge!