Pelecon consultant constitue of Europe’s largest wooden building

Geplaatst op: 26 October 2023

This building, BESTSELLER’s new logistics center in Lelystad occupies a whopping 155,000 m2. In a nutshell: the largest wooden building in Europe is being created here!

The architect Henning Larsen, now part of Ramboll in Denmark, chose from the beginning of the design to save as much CO2 as possible and improve biodiversity on the site, despite the building. As a construction material, therefore, as much wood as possible was chosen. For the finish, natural materials were also sought, for example hay as insulation material. Where it could not be otherwise, due to high loads and/or space requirements, prefabricated concrete and low-CO2 produced steel were chosen.

Knowledge step forward
For Pelecon Amersfoort, selected as a local partner by Ramboll Denmark, the timber construction is a huge knowledge step forward. Knowledge of the possibilities, the conditions during execution, the (good) resistance to fire, etc. André Verschoor, register designer of Pelecon: “we expect an explosive growth in the application of laminated wood in the coming years, in combination with wooden hollow-core slabs, for example.”

Increasing biodiversity
The architect’s desire to increase rather than reduce biodiversity on the building site is expressed in a roof garden almost 300 meters long. The roof of the high-rise is (naturally) full of solar panels.

Partnership during this project
In addition to Pelecon, architectural firm Denc (part of Sweco) from Bussum was also selected as a local partner for architectural design, building permit and building installations. Pelecon regularly works with Denc on large logistics projects. With direct communication and respect for each other’s profession, we form a strong team on this project as well.

Are you interested in a wooden version of your building design? Then contact the colleagues at Pelecon in Gouda and in Amersfoort.

📷 Henning Larsen