Geplaatst op: 21 December 2021

Years ago we were involved in the construction of the Rabobank building in Nijkerk from the former Pelecon Amersfoort (Reijneveld Engineering). Now this building is being transformed into the town hall of Nijkerk. So we know this building well and that makes the consulting process for the construction easier. For this assignment, Pelecon is working together with LSa (representation of the municipality of Nijkerk) and Van Bokhorst Architects from Nijkerk. A fine team for an inspiring project in which we, as engineers, have our role.

Changes within an existing building are always challenging. That also applies to the building of the municipality of Nijkerk, where in this case the council chamber is an important issue for us. It stands on sloping concrete columns that also guarantee the stability of the council chamber in an inventive way. In addition, the facade is completely covered with glass, so that we literally create a transparent government! The stability of the building must be adapted in such a way that this transparent facade can actually be realized. Therefore, a Senior Structural Engineer and 3D Modeler from Pelecon joined the drawing board for the design. An Advisor to Building Structures helped with the sketches for the columns, literally with a sketch roller and felt-tip pens.

Now that the City Council has agreed to the Final Design, we will quickly move on to producing specification documents and implementation drawings in 2022.

Geplaatst op: 14 December 2021

Vomar, a successful supermarket organization with 91 branches in North Holland, Flevoland, North and South Holland and Utrecht, is a good example of a rapidly growing company! The expansion of their distribution center in Alkmaar is therefore a logical step!

As a constructor, we have been involved in the development of their existing distribution center in Alkmaar since 2000. As a constructor, we have contributed to all adjustments and extensions that were implemented after 2000.

A selection of our activities for Vomar:
2020: Development of main distribution center totaling 40,000 m2
2006: Realization of the “cold warehouse”
2008: Installation of a floor ‘Flowers’ in the distribution center
2010: Expansion with butchery and potato-vegetable-fruit department
2016: Installation of a large number of solar panels
2020: Expansion of the bakery department

First pole
Last week Vomar celebrated the first pole for the latest expansion, namely the ‘advertising warehouse’. As a structural engineer we also worked on this project, so we congratulate Vomar with this new step!

We wish everyone a successful construction and thank you Vomar for again trusting in our cooperation!


Geplaatst op: 12 December 2021

In Veenendaal, the construction has started of the Food development center of the Jan Zandbergen Group; a European player in meat and vegetable meat substitutes. Innovative developments are normal for them. Their growing ambition and position in the market created the need for a new development location. Because of Pelecon’s long-standing relationship with the Jan Zandbergen Group, we were also involved in this project as consultants, from the design phase up to and including the detailed structural calculations.

We completed the calculation and drawing phase and in the meantime the construction has started. The foundation and the floor of the parking garage have been poured, the basement walls have been placed. The superstructure with large spans will soon offer space for presentations and developments from a modern kitchen.

We experienced the cooperation during the design phase with Van Bronkhorst Architects BNA and Dijkham Bouw from Nijkerk as pleasant and we are looking forward to a successful construction process!


Geplaatst op: 9 December 2021

That the construction of the new NVM head office in Utrecht is going fast, is proven by the photos! Last week we visited the construction site where the finishing phase is almost completed. For us as constructors, such visits are very inspiring to be involved in the project during this phase as well!