First pole distribution center Vomar

Posted on: 14 December 2021

Vomar, a successful supermarket organization with 91 branches in North Holland, Flevoland, North and South Holland and Utrecht, is a good example of a rapidly growing company! The expansion of their distribution center in Alkmaar is therefore a logical step!

As a constructor, we have been involved in the development of their existing distribution center in Alkmaar since 2000. As a constructor, we have contributed to all adjustments and extensions that were implemented after 2000.

A selection of our activities for Vomar:
2020: Development of main distribution center totaling 40,000 m2
2006: Realization of the “cold warehouse”
2008: Installation of a floor ‘Flowers’ in the distribution center
2010: Expansion with butchery and potato-vegetable-fruit department
2016: Installation of a large number of solar panels
2020: Expansion of the bakery department

First pole
Last week Vomar celebrated the first pole for the latest expansion, namely the ‘advertising warehouse’. As a structural engineer we also worked on this project, so we congratulate Vomar with this new step!

We wish everyone a successful construction and thank you Vomar for again trusting in our cooperation!