Posted on: 12 December 2021

In Veenendaal, the construction has started of the Food development center of the Jan Zandbergen Group; a European player in meat and vegetable meat substitutes. Innovative developments are normal for them. Their growing ambition and position in the market created the need for a new development location. Because of Pelecon’s long-standing relationship with the Jan Zandbergen Group, we were also involved in this project as consultants, from the design phase up to and including the detailed structural calculations.

We completed the calculation and drawing phase and in the meantime the construction has started. The foundation and the floor of the parking garage have been poured, the basement walls have been placed. The superstructure with large spans will soon offer space for presentations and developments from a modern kitchen.

We experienced the cooperation during the design phase with Van Bronkhorst Architects BNA and Dijkham Bouw from Nijkerk as pleasant and we are looking forward to a successful construction process!