Pelecon structural engineers stronger after merger with Reijneveld Engineering

Posted on: 29 June 2021

Pelecon structural engineers and Reijneveld Engineering; stronger together. The merger will be official from June 29, 2021. Ambitions are merged, creating one team, led by an enthusiastic management. André Verschoor, Mack Stolwijk and Henk van Vliet bundle their consultancy firms for structural constructions and continue together with the name: Pelecon structural engineers. With branches in Gouda and Amersfoort.

The desire to grow in people, expertise and assignments has existed at both companies for a long time. Just like the desire to give the team the opportunity to develop. To learn from new colleagues and to carry out other challenging assignments in the Netherlands and abroad. Pelecon Gouda and Pelecon Amersfoort, as the locations are called, will remain the same in terms of team composition. “In that respect, our regular customers will still feel welcome at our office after the merger. Our challenge is to continue to surprise with an ever-growing expertise,” says Henk van Vliet.

Stronger together!
Mack continues: “We are going to share the best of both companies. The biggest advantage of this is that we can serve our potential and existing customers even better because of the larger capacity. We can also innovate more easily as one Pelecon than before. For example for 3D-BIM and parametric design. We want to take big steps together with the integration of our calculation and modeling work to be able to design even more sharply. Sustainability is an important aspect; we will be working with our clients throughout Pelecon to drastically reduce the negative environmental impact of the structures we have designed.”

A merger offers opportunities in new business
André Verschoor explains that the merger creates many opportunities: “We are already very strong in logistics real estate, industry and stacked housing. As a larger agency, we can and want to participate in European tenders in the future, for example for schools, town halls or museums. For example, we are available for quick scans, design sketches and second opinions.”

In short: the three gentlemen are eagerly looking forward to the future, in which entrepreneurship will hopefully yield good results. The team is on edge, ready to take on the new challenge!