Environmental permit submitted for building plan in Leiden

Posted on: 18 December 2020

With great pleasure and dedication we have contributed to the development of a building plan at 65 Rooseveldstraat in Leiden. Apartments, commercial spaces and a two-storey parking garage will soon be developed here. Today the environmental permit has been submitted for the building that is designed as a concrete construction.


The project in Leiden is a special and sustainable building plan. This is reflected in, among other things, the roof garden that is located on top of the parking garage. Pelecon calculated the construction of the parking garage, so that the roof garden will soon be really safe and accessible for the residents of the complex.

Calculate and draw

In addition to calculating and drawing for the roof garden, Pelecon was responsible for optimizing the construction of the parking garage, so that the columns do not obstruct the entrance and exit of the garage. The garage is column-free as much as possible. In addition, we calculated the floor construction, so that the indoor outdoor spaces could be included in the same floor construction.