Curious as we are, we paid another visit to the construction site of the VidaXL project.

Posted on: 23 April 2021

Several assembly teams and ditto cranes lift the steel structure designed by Pelecon very energetically at VidaXL phase 4 in Horst aan de Maas. The first floor slabs for the mezzanine floor are laid and the roof slabs are shot on the steel construction. The fire walls between the different building parts are also included. These must be placed before an adjacent building part can be made through the separated steel structures. This is how it works: first one building part (row of columns) is placed, then the fire wall (aerated concrete panels) is placed against it. Only now can it be built on the other side of the hall (row of columns on the other side). This sequence is common, otherwise there is a high risk of damage to the aerated concrete panels.

Building parts A and C are already at 3/4 and a start has already been made on building part B.

Are you curious about our working method for such large projects? Engineer Pascal Ruivenkamp is happy to tell you more. He can be reached via +31 (0) 182 231 400.

Photography: Gerard Saarberg