Geplaatst op: 29 October 2021

The new distribution center in Echt-Susteren has been delivered to P3 Logistic Parks and clearly shows what Pelecon structural engineers can do in the field of building constructions. The consultancy for technical constructions with offices in Gouda and Amersfoort was involved in this project by Dokvast and Heembouw Architecten from the start. Pelecon is responsible for the calculations, drawings and checks of the complete steel construction.

“We started with a sketch design, which we developed in collaboration with Dokvast and Heembouw Architects into what it is now,” says constructor Bastiaan Hoefnagel. “In addition to the standard requirements for distribution halls, such as large column distances and minimum stacking heights for the racks, we had to take into account a main water pipe on the site in this project. In order to guarantee construction safety in the event of unexpected defects in this water pipe, certain corners of the building are founded on piles. The rest of the distribution center is founded on steel. This means that walls and floors rest directly on the load-bearing sandy bottom.”

It looks like one big building
From the outside, the new distribution center looks like one large building. “On the inside, however, it is divided into four halls, with the docks, dock doors and loading pits at the front. Above this is a mezzanine floor with hollow core slabs for the storage of smaller goods. The offices are arranged in the outer corners of the building, with a depth of 22 meters. Behind it are the 150-metre-deep halls.” Because of the many dock doors and window openings in the facades, Pelecon has chosen to make large portal structures. “This creates optimum freedom in passageways in use.”

P3 Logistic Parks
The distribution center was sold by Dokvast to P3 Logistic Parks, which sets specific requirements for the control of the construction. “We tested more intensively than usual in the Netherlands on the construction site whether the reinforcement was installed as prescribed,” explains Hoefnagel. “We also check the hall construction for our design, which guarantees the highest quality.”

Geplaatst op: 5 October 2021

Stichd – Tilburg is busy implementing the next step in their journey towards future-proofing Stichd logistics. Together with a team they are building a highly automated fulfillment center. With which different sales channels can be served with equal efficiency. Ultimately, lead times are shortened and they can serve their customers with a higher level of service.

Pelecon is helping to realize this ambition of Stichd. We have provided constructive advice for the further development of their own, traditional logistics hall. So that they will soon be able to use their mechanized storage and handling system there. This issue is not new to us. Nevertheless, we always see it as an inspiring challenge to answer it as appropriately as possible.

Goals and Challenges
Our overall goal is to provide extremely efficient design advice for new technical floors as a bridge from the shuttle area to the expedition section. The challenge for us as consultants is that the engineering of the conveyor belts and stair facilities is efficiently integrated into an existing hall construction. The floor construction is not reinforced. The project comprises approximately 100 tons of structural steel.

Fitting in the Shuttle area is limited with an existing height of a standard logistics hall, which is 13.5 meters internally. That while an automated shuttle building, when newly built, can be up to 35 meters high.

We look back on a great collaboration. Not only with Stichd, but also with partners TGW Systems, Reijerink Staalconstructie, Quadrant4 and ADS Ertner.

Photography: Stichd – Tilburg