Posted on: 24 March 2022

Customised rental and owner-occupied homes are being developed in Zaandam. We have received the buyers’ options for these houses and, as the main structural engineer, are currently incorporating them into the construction drawings. An extension, for example, has consequences for the basic drawings.

But these are not the challenges for us, the location of this new building project is. Archive documents show that a building used to stand here, the piles of which might still be in the ground. They are probably so deep that they were not found during an extensive soil survey. But that did not stop us from taking the possible old piles into account when calculating the piling plan. The new piles, if they were to be found, must not be too close to them. As a structural engineer, we remain involved during construction, so if an old pile is unexpectedly placed in an awkward spot, we can adjust our advice at that time.

The calculations and drawings for this project are now being finalised for submission to the Zaandam City Council.

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