The second DC BOL.COM also finished

Geplaatst op: 5 November 2020

The new distribution center was completed in July, the (mechanical) equipment is currently being completed, after which the first packages are expected to roll off the production line in 2021. Pelecon was involved early on by the architectural and engineering firm DENC in designing a suitable structural design for the automated systems and in selecting the high-rise racks. “On the basis of this constructive design and the aesthetic design of DENC, we advised, calculated and drawn the foundation and steel construction for the new building”, according to Pelecon constructor Bastiaan Hoefnagel.

Pelecon has designed a completely new construction for the second distribution center. The condition was that the building had to be future-proof and had to be able to accommodate the latest developments in mechanization. That is why an optimal column structure was sought for both the building construction and the mechanization. For the high-rise section, Pelecon advised, among other things, large IPE 750 girders, which enable spans of up to 32 meters.

During the execution, Pelecon was responsible for checking, for example, the reinforcement and steel construction. Now that the construction is ready, we remain involved for questions. For example, with regard to the installation of heavy machinery and installations.

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