Geplaatst op: 28 May 2021

The old Leestenfabriek is located right next to Oisterwijk station. This has been expanded with a future-proof, smart and sustainable multi-company building. The first tenants have now entered the full-service office units. In addition to and connected to the existing Leestenfabriek, which already serves as a multi-company building, a dynamic working environment with many shared facilities has been created on three floors.

The existing building with the masonry facades has been partially extended into the new part. A lot of green has been added to the design by architect Quadrant4. The green facades rise above the planters on the first floor. Immediately after the entrance, a large open space has been created for a brasserie, which is also directly adjacent to the existing building. There is also a lot of space for greenery inside. On the facade sides there are freely divisible space for offices over three floors. On the second floor is also a large space for a roof terrace.

The client’s wish is to keep the building as flexible as possible. The building is therefore constructed with a column structure of concrete-filled steel columns, integrated floor girders in combination with hollow-core slab floors. The design of the construction came entirely from Pelecon.

Geplaatst op: 25 May 2021


Take, for example, the assignment we carried out for a wind pump on the Halvergate Marshes in the detached parish of Freethorpe in The Broads in the English county of Norfolk. We have calculated and signed for the restoration of this mill.

And the Narrenmuhle (mill) in Viersen (state of Nordrhein – Westfalen). The standard was very poor, this was reason for the owner of the city of Viersen to have structural and building-historical research carried out and eventually to restore the mill. Pelecon has made a control calculation of the existing construction and has given advice / made a calculation for the installation of a new staircase.

For both assignments, ‘EAG Monuments’ was our client.

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Photo credits: Erfgoed Advies Groen

Geplaatst op: 21 May 2021

Harders Plaza in Harderwijk is a place that Pelecon knows very well. Years ago, we provided constructive advice for the transformation of an ice hockey hall into a go-kart track with a party center. This mainly concerned the parking deck beams that had to be installed in the old ice hockey hall in order to give the building a new function. Extra nice that we were also approached for the constructive advice of the new building at this location. The go-kart track and conference center have been demolished and have created space for phase 1 of a new shopping complex.

The new Praxis has now opened, the construction market is part of phase 1 of the new construction plan that is being realized in phases. Dirk van den Broek is moving to a space in phase 1 next to the Praxis, now this supermarket is still housed in a building on the location of phase 2. After the move, this building will be demolished and the construction of phase 2 will start, which will soon Lidl and Kwantum are coming.

It is nice to mention that the old frames of the ice hockey hall have been preserved. These serve as frames in Colpro’s new industrial hall in Almelo. After 40 years, the materials get a new and second life and 80 tons of wood from the incinerator has been saved! The property will be built completely remountable, so that all materials – including those added now – can be reused in the future.

Geplaatst op: 19 May 2021

We are proud of the new identity of one of our brands. BetonBlockDesign continues today under the name:

Concrete Block Engineers

We still make custom constructive calculations for stacked concrete blocks; flexible, safe and affordable. We still work with a team of purebred constructors who are good at constructive calculations and drawing. Where our services have changed? Please visit

Geplaatst op: 19 May 2021

As we often do with our projects, last week we passed the construction site of the new NVM building on the Papendorp business park in Utrecht. As a strategic partner, Pelecon has been involved in the design of the new headquarters from the sketch phase. We designed the construction from the foundation to the roof and we worked closely with the architect and contractor for this.

This is an extensive project, construction of which is well underway. By the end of June, the entire prefab concrete shell, including the roof, must be in place. So that by mid-2021, employees can live in the new, sustainable and healthy clubhouse of the NVM. The new office fits perfectly into the green surroundings of Papendorp, with a transparent plinth and a spacious atrium. This atrium is the connecting link between the offices and the training rooms for the Academy for Real Estate students and is the center of the building.