Geplaatst op: 26 January 2021

The new building for VSVK in Berkel en Rodenrijs, consisting of 1,000 m² of office space and 9,500 m² of industrial space with a workshop and storage facility, was developed in a very short time. In concrete terms: together with our partners we designed a beautiful building in less than a year and went through the permit process. In the end, the actual construction took only six months. The reason that it all had to be done so quickly was that VSVK had to leave their current premises within one year.

We are proud that, especially due to the smooth cooperation with all partners within this project, we have more than met the delivery deadline. Because we needed a short engineering time for this project and the execution went very smoothly, it was even possible to deliver the building two months earlier, so that we could even exceed the customer’s demand!

Geplaatst op: 11 January 2021

Even before the turn of the year in 2020, a start was made on the construction of an XXL distribution center in the area of ​​Echt-Susteren, Limburg. Pelecon was commissioned by Heembouw Architecten to make the structural calculations for this immense DC of almost 100,000 m².

We are still involved in this development. Until the last steel profile is mounted, we have a controlling role when it comes to the construction of the building. As a result of which the building can not only guarantee its safety, but also achieve the sustainability objectives. Because, in addition to the use of sustainable materials and installations, a perfectly calculated construction will contribute to a BREEAM Outstanding certification (the highest achievable BREEAM certificate).

For this project we are working together with well-known partners: Heembouw Architecten, Bouwbedrijf Heembouw, developer DOKVAST B.V., Van Berlo Funderingstechnieken and Reijrink Staalconstructie. In the coming period we will take you along with the developments in Echt-Susteren.