Geplaatst op: 23 July 2020

Soon and we will also enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation. A time for reflection that we like to use it useful. Because the most beautiful ideas arise when you are relaxed!

Pelecon is growing, our knowledge is growing and with it our ambition. What ambitions are we going to achieve in the second half of this year? The first orders for our new brand Greenhouse Design are now a fact, how can we use our services for greenhouse builders even more efficiently? And how can we put our BetonblockDesign brand on the market even more strongly?

We wish you a very nice summer, rest well and then we may see each other again in September!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the summer holidays, our office is closed from August 1 to August 16.

Geplaatst op: 20 July 2020

Heembouw realized a new location for Snoeks Automotive in Nieuw-Vennep. Snoeks Automotive is the world’s leading partner for car manufacturers to expand the product range by providing innovative modification concepts that further enhance the utility and market opportunities of vans. The new building in Nieuw-Vennep is a test center and head office.

Pelecon was the main structural engineer for this project and, together with Heembouw Architecten, designed and elaborated the building.

Pelecon nominated for 2020 National Steel Prize

Geplaatst op: 15 July 2020

The National Steel Prize is awarded twice a year to the best project – new construction, renovation or renovation – in the Netherlands or abroad, which is carried out entirely or partly in steel. In the Industrial Construction category, Pelecon has been nominated for the Rhenus New Logic III project in Tilburg.

We have developed this special project together with partners Heembouw Architecten and Reijrink Staalconstructie. Pelecon partner, Mack Stolwijk explains: “In the design phase, we worked with DOKVAST and Habeon. We also managed the options. Structurally, we looked for the limits of the column spacings in combination with the storey floors. To bridge the span of 18 meters, we provide the floors with heavy HL beams. Another challenge was the oval roof construction at the front with the large overhang. ”

After the DO phase, Pelecon elaborated the technical design in 3D. The working drawings of the foundation also come from the engineering company. Mack continues: “During the BIM sessions, we transfer the model to the suppliers. They can then put their own products in the 3D model and work from there. ”

As a director, Pelecon checks whether the parties involved deliver what has been agreed in advance. “We also carry out follow-up checks at work,” says Mack. “In doing so, we check, insofar as visible, whether the steel construction is mounted as shown in the drawing.” Pelecon has already carried out one follow-up check.

Click here for more photos and project specifications.

Expansion of our service with a new brand

Geplaatst op: 1 July 2020

As of 1 July 2020, we officially continued the work of Konstruktie- en Adviesburo Verheijdt. With this continuation, we are no longer only committed to calculating small and (very) large steel structures (Pelecon) and constructively calculating custom-stacked concrete blocks (BetonblockDesign). Calculation of greenhouse structures is now also coming here.

With Greenhouse Design, an international consultancy, we make structural calculations for high-quality greenhouse systems for growing vegetables, fruit, trees and plants. We work with an experienced team of constructors for a large number of national and international greenhouse builders.

Curious? Read all about our new brand at

A bold building with an constructive challenge

Geplaatst op: 1 July 2020

Together with Mies Architectuur, Pelecon was involved as a constructor in the development of the new municipal yard for Papendrecht from the sketching phase. A great job for a functional, sustainable yet sturdy building!

The building recedes at the top to the rear, giving space to the street profile and providing shade on the south side. The roof is filled with PV panels that, in addition to the natural electricity supply, also have an overcapacity for other functions of the municipality. The glass personnel facility symbolizes a transparent organization with people that you can be proud of. The people who take care of the public space, landscaping and combating smoothness of the Municipality of Papendrecht!