Geplaatst op: 25 June 2020

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Geplaatst op: 25 June 2020

The Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars, also known as NVM, signed an agreement for the design and realization of their new headquarters at Papendorp in Utrecht. The beautiful and extremely sustainable design is by Heembouw Architecten and is being built by Heembouw Kantoren.

As a strategic partner, Pelecon has been involved in the design of the new headquarters from the sketching phase. We have designed the construction from the foundation to the roof and we have worked closely with the architect and contractor for this.

Our compliments go to Vivian Wijburg, from Heembouw Architecten she is responsible for the very beautiful design.

Project GMLP on Schilhol is under construction, already delivered

Geplaatst op: 18 June 2020

Four warehouses are being built at Schiphol-Zuidoost, close to the Aalsmeerbaan, on behalf of Borghese Logistics. This means that a total of ± 100,000 m2 warehouse will be realized with 9,000 m2 optional mezzanine and ± 100 docks.

The four buildings were designed constructively by Pelecon and all four have an almost identical constructional design. A steel construction with two-way roof trusses, with a portal system designed in the facade. Each Warehouse can again be divided into several units. The warehouse units are suitable for storage by means of racks with a stack height of 12.2 m.

Warehouse one was completed in 2017, warehouse two in 2019 and warhouse three and four are now under construction.
Mies Architectuur is the architect of this project and Pleijsier Bouw is the contractor.

Photo Credits: Marc Maurer

Unique building for City Cinema in Roosendaal under construction

Geplaatst op: 16 June 2020

A new City Cinema is being built in the center of Roosendaal for C-Cinemas. This film temple contains six screens of different sizes. Three rooms are located on the first floor level, partly above the outside area and partly above the grand café and kitchen. Two penthouses with roof terrace will be realized on the complex. For the energy supplies, the roofs are used to install solar panels.

The building is constructed from a hollow wall system in combination with hollow core slabs. Where walls could not be used, a steel construction has been designed. That’s exactly where Pelecon can make a difference. Together with Mies Architectuur we made the plan drawings and a model for the overall construction.

Even now that construction is still in full swing, we are involved with the Pelecon constructors in the correct execution of the supplier’s parts. This unique building on the Nieuwstraat will be completed this year.

Sustainable construction for curtain packaging

Geplaatst op: 11 June 2020

As a strategic partner of construction company Heembouw, Pelecon calculated and drew the construction for the new building of Hordijk Verpakkingen. This concerns a new industrial hall, directly opposite the existing location on the Daalderweg in Zaandam. The hall built in steel has a surface of 22,500 m2, the office area comprises 1,300 m2.

“For this project, we calculated and drawn the entire construction, both the foundation and the superstructure of steel,” says Piet Peters, Consultant at Pelecon. “Based on this, the steel suppliers and the supplier of the hollow core slabs made their own working drawings and laying plans. We have fully worked out the pile plan and the foundation. What is special about the project is the office with the large roof. In consultation with the architect, we designed the construction for this with its very own character. ”

Piet continues: “large black braces have been installed to realize this overhang. “Another striking aspect is the constructive distinction made in the production hall, between the production part and the distribution part. The columns in the production area are twice as far apart as those in the distribution area. ”

“This is how we build as economically and therefore as sustainably as possible, which is of course desirable as a sustainable building like this.”

Inspiring order for new departure hall Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Geplaatst op: 9 June 2020

Because the old departure hall of Rotterdam The Hague Airport from 1970 was outdated and became too small, a new terminal was needed. A terminal with a much larger capacity, but which must fit well with the character and appearance of the airport. Not a megalomaniacal anonymous building, but a pleasant building with lots of natural light, intended to make passengers feel comfortable. A sustainable building too, including a moss sedum roof.

Pelecon inspired this ambition! We were therefore happy to participate in the planning and implementation of this project. In a team of architects, contractors and suppliers of all materials, we advised on the more than 100 tons of steel, the laminated roof beams and approximately 4,000 steel bolts that have been incorporated into the steel construction of the new departure hall of Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

In addition, in the existing building of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, what has been preserved, many structural changes have been made and improvements have been made. Pelecon received the ‘constructive puzzle’ of the existing building, where a number of details were established:
1: the existing mezzanine, which includes Grand Café De Horizon, is located at 3.10m + level,
2: the underlying ground floor needs an internal height of at least 2.60m +,
3: the existing storey floors are constructed from a thin concrete floor resting on steel beams.

We had to get a lot of new piping for the E, W & sprinkler installation through these existing steel beams for which more than 200 openings had to be created. The puzzle has been laid, partly due to the frequent coordination between the installer Engie, contractor Volker Wessels Bouw Schiphol and Pelecon.

We are proud of the immense issue we have answered for the Rotterdam The Hague Airport project in which we have made a big difference in our field. The departure hall will be put into use at the end of this year.

Recently a nice article for this project was published in the magazine “Industry Construction” of May 2020. Click here to download the magazine.

Long cooperation for new construction court houses in Montfoort

Geplaatst op: 9 June 2020

Pelecon does not stand still! From the first plans for the houses until now, during construction, we advise on behalf of De Vries en Verburg Ontwikkeling about the constructional constructions of 9 spacious court houses in Montfoort. These are detached, semi-detached houses and semi-detached houses situated around a closed court, designed by Quadrant Architects. All homes are gas-free and energy-efficient and meet all requirements for modern homes in 2020.

Unique Activities for Rotterdam The Hague Airport fire station

Geplaatst op: 3 June 2020

Pelecon has been doing construction work for Rotterdam The Hague Airport for 20 years. In addition to the departure hall, Pelecon is also involved in the construction of the fire station. “We have done our utmost, with respect for the design of Moen & van Oosten Architecten and drawing on our broad experience, to achieve the best and most beautiful structural design for the fire station,” says Piet Peters of Pelecon.


“The building consists of 2 parts; the depot and the part with different living areas. The construction consists of a steel frame, steel roof and wall cladding, concrete floors on the first floor and a poured foundation on the ground floor. ” In total, 120 tons of steel were processed in the building. “To prevent fire spread, separate fire compartments have been created. We have also contributed to the detailing of the steel construction, so that it will cause as few problems as possible in terms of sound. We have also incorporated various environmentally friendly and energy-saving measures into the design. ”


“We also have a controlling role in this project. In this way we test whether the materials supplied by suppliers meet all requirements. In addition, we check on site at the construction site whether important parts are actually built in accordance with the working drawings supplied by us. We don’t leave anything to chance. ”

Recently a nice article for this project was published in the magazine “Industry Construction” of May 2020. Click here to download the magazine.