Geplaatst op: 6 November 2019

On Wednesday 6 November, we welcomed more than 120 customers, relations and business partners at the knowledge, inspiration and anniversary event of Peters & van Leeuwen. The afternoon was filled with guest speakers, challenging subjects and the unveiling of the new identity of Peters & van Leeuwen. After all, the future is at the front door.

Piet Peters & Mack Stolwijk kicked off and look back at the past together. Building a new organization, the stabilization phase, but also the crisis and the necessary scars were discussed. Piet: “Over the past 5 years, we have experienced considerable growth, both in projects and in personnel. After more than 45 working years, it is time for me to take a step back and give space to the new generation. Mack Stolwijk will join the board of Peters & van Leeuwen next year.” Mack is very honored and has a lot of energy and sense, together with the team of talented people to continue building the future of the company.

New name
The new identity of the organization is announced jointly and under loud drum roll: Pelecon Structural Engineers. Mack explains: “The name Pelecon is a nod to the past and with a short and powerful sound, also a name that fits in with the present day. The English sub, Structural Engineers, shows the company’s international ambitions.

Change or die
Guest speaker Mariska Molenschot gives a mini lecture about building the future with employees of the future. Mariska is a much sought-after speaker and trainer on the theme of behavioral change. With her keynote she spoke about the theme of “bringing in and retaining talents”.

How do you as an organization ensure that this generation is bound? Thus Molenschot; “recognize ambitions and motivations and give your employees a voice. Ask questions in every conversation you have to find out what really moves the other person. In short, change or die.”

Building the future
Henk van Vliet, talks about the problems in the construction sector with regard to CO2 emissions. Heembouw offices and Skellet give their view, insights and experience on building into the future through the use of circular concrete and light-steel constructions. Both instruments ensure less CO2 emissions and sustainable tax.

The chairman of the day invites all guest speakers to the stage for the final talk show. There is heated discussion with each other and the public about Triple P, the generation gap, circular thinking and doing, and that behavioral change is a theme for all generations. “Change or die”; said Mariska. “Don’t see the crocodile as a threat or an urgency to change, but see it as a sense of excitement.”

After the official part, the closing followed and there was room to chat with each other while enjoying a walking dinner.

The sounds were positive everywhere and we proudly look back on a successful event. On behalf of the entire Peters & van Leeuwen team, we would like to thank everyone for their presence. Our special thanks go to our guest speakers and their contribution to this successful afternoon and evening.