Geplaatst op: 18 June 2019

The journal Urbanism (edition 755) contains an extensive article about the progress and work on the new headquarters of Somfy in Hoofddorp. “We regularly work in a construction team with Borghese Real Estate,” says project coordinator Sep de Bruin of Pleijsier Bouw. “This is also the case with the new Somfy building. We have been involved in this project from the sketching phase to think about the construction and installation technology. We also regularly work with Mies Architecture and Peters & van Leeuwen.”

Somfy is a manufacturer of electric motors, controls and sensors for, among other things, sun protection, window decoration and lighting. Recommended!

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Geplaatst op: 17 June 2019

We congratulate Somfy Nederland with the delivery of the new building in Hoofddorp!

On May 17, Borghese Realestate delivered a beautiful new office including business space for Somfy Netherlands. The new premises of the French company, which has approximately 2,000 m² of office and approximately 4,000 m² of industrial space, have been realized completely gas-free and sustainably.

Peters & van Leeuwen has signed for the structural design. Read more about this project on the projects page of this website.

Remaining concrete an re-use

Geplaatst op: 16 June 2019

Some time ago we already wrote about residual concrete in concrete block molds. Reuse of residual concrete in these molds proves to be very successful. This not only saves a lot of money and is better for people and the environment, but the reuse also pays off by using the blocks for temporary storage options for raw materials at home and abroad.

But how high can the concrete blocks be stacked without falling over? And what about the pressure of temporary sand and gravel retaining walls against the concrete blocks. Since no ready-made answer is available here, Peters & van Leeuwen has developed a calculation module. The module calculates, in a relatively simple way, the most important points and provides answers to these pressing questions.

Are you interested in this calculation or would you like to know more? Henk van Vliet is happy to tell you about the possibilities.